40+ Experiments to test your idea

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What is a business experiment?

You're sure you have the best business idea ever in the history of all mankind. And maybe you do. However, before you go plunging your time, energy, maybe your career reputation (or even worse... life savings!) into it you should validate the idea as much as possible. Even if you're not an entrepreneur, but maybe a project manager about to start a new project, you should consider using time-boxed business experiments. This approach is better than writing a long, wordy brief and giving it to a production team.

How to build validation experiments

You create your hypothesis and you test in a short time period, on as small a budget as possible. Low risk, low cost validation before you move forward.

For example, say you have an idea that falls under the category of "B2B Hardware" - because that is the category you happen to be working in, then simply find appropriate experiments to stress-test your idea.

The more validation you do, the more chance your idea or concept will NOT be a waste of time and money.

Who should use this? 

  • Start-up founders
  • Product / Project Managers
  • Intrapreneurs
  • Innovation Managers
  • Service Designers
  • Business Designers
  • Start-up teams
  • Solopreneurs


Check out TestStacks. This is for people who want to build successful (often digital) services. Here you'll find a stack of experiments to choose from whether you are working with B2B, B2C, hardware or software. There is over 40 experiments at Teststacks that you can use to validate your idea before plunging too much money or time into the project.

Go and get a free account at Test Stacks.


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