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Who am I? Over the last two decades, I've helped launch a few different start-ups. Or "companies" as they once were known.

As a consultant I've helped organisations of all shapes and sizes identify and launch new digital services & business models. I'm particularly interested in helping larger, established companies, perhaps in traditional industries, create programs to build portfolios of new digital ventures.

In the last 5 years I've helped turn Humblebee into one of Scandinavias most highly valued digital service studios. We managed to increase Humblebee's turnover by 500% in 5 years; increase the amount of staff by 200%; and currently service an international portfolio of companies.

On a sadder note, I'm also responsible for several failed ventures, daft ideas that never got off the ground, tears and general heartache. And to top it all off, at 40+ years old I'm still not the owner of my beloved football team. This time next year maybe...

So why am I building this site? Honestly, I built Hacking Business for myself. Not for you. 😉 But I'm happy you're here nonetheless. I aim to fill it with the resources, ways of working, tools and processes that I myself get value from.

Even established, well-running, (currently profitable) organisations need to adapt. They need to make digital service innovation and creation a part of their genetic make-up. Even if they've been selling paper widgets for 100 years, they need to be a software company very soon. There is no alternative.

But for the people working at these organisations, this is a far from simple journey. And it can be a frustrating one.

If you're one of the aforementioned heroes trying to make digital innovation, transformation - call it whatever you want - happen at your company, my hope for Hacking Business is that even one of the ideas or tools will help you in your journey.

Please feel free to reach out with ideas on how I can improve this site, or for any additional consultation. I'm at



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