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A hack for any communication

Do you ever feel your emails don't get their message across? Are your presentations not creating enough genuine action? Well this is a super simple little way of ensuring your written (or oral) communication is on-point, punchy and will create action.

Firstly, start breaking down the reasons of your communication into this 1-2-3:

  1. What do you want people to do? (The action you want them to take).
  2. The afters. What's in it for THEM?
  3. Content of the message.

So now you have your 1-2-3.

Now flip that to 2-3-1

Here's a simple example of turning a 1-2-3 into a 2-3-1 within a subject many of us can unfortunately relate to :). 

Let's say you're frustrated with people not submitting their time reports in good time. It causes a headache for you, and for many other staff carrying out administrative duties. So let's write up the 1-2-3 first: 

  1. What do you want people to do? Submit their time reports in good time.
  2. The afters. What's in it for THEM? They will get their wages!
  3. Content of the message.

Re-formulate your communication

So your communication for the time reporting would be something like this: 

Email Subject (The afters): Make sure you get paid this month

Content: To ensure we can process all company wages this month, you need to finish your time reporting in time.

Action: Go into TimeBot and do all your time reporting before Tuesday, 1200.

Bam! Now everyone will be time-reporting in good time each week... :) 


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