Build a brand in 3 Hours

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A brand in 3 hours

This short but effective process for landing a brand platform tends to fly under the radar, despite it being from the same body of thought that brought us the Google Ventures Design Sprint. It's a series of exercises that is more than good enough to understand a long-term goal for your service, and some fundamental blocks about your user base and competitors.

Who should use this?

This process is ideal for start-up founders, but also perfect for the main readers of Hacking Business: people creating ventures and spin-out services from large corporations. If you're trying to build a new business model (digital service) with the freedom of being - even slightly - decoupled from your mother brand, then nailing a simple, quick brand platform for that services is a very good process to go through.

Brand exercises in a sprint-like process that any team can use.

6 exercises in 3 hours

There are 6 exercises to go through in the brand sprint: 

  1. 20 Year Roadmap
    - to help you think long-term.
  2. What, How, Why
    - reminds you why your company exists, right down that what it will deliver.
  3. Top 3 Values
    - that make your "Why" more specific.
  4. Top 3 Audiences
    - help prioritise your target users.
  5. Personality Sliders
    - define the attitude, style and tonality of your brand.
  6. Competitive Landscape
    - lets you compare your brand in the company of other companies.

Find out more

A great article, with more intricate details of the exercises in the workshop can be found here.


Useful tools, frameworks or further reading.

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